I found this really great video which features a rewriting of traditional princess Disney characters.

The video made me think about “point of view” and how really focusing on point of view allows the “narrative” about certain situations and communities to change.

For example: The “narrative” (or story that is repeated continuously over and over about a particular “thing” until that story feels “normal” and “just the way it is”) about the Disney princesses is that all they want at any given time is to find one true great love. We’ve been told that story so often and for so long and in so many different places and ways, it gets to the point that we don’t even question the story any more. Which leads to statements like: *Every* girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day!

Is that true? Does every girl grow up dreaming about her wedding day? Do all girls want to get married? Do all girls want to be in relationships with men? Much less spend all their time as girls planning for a day that may never happen?

But it seems easier to believe that all those narratives about girls because of how *normal* Disney princess stories are in our every day lives.

What happens though, when we start to reconsider the choices that princesses make based on assumptions of what “normal” girls are like?

What happens if we wonder things like: Why would a girl find a man who only loves her for her voice appealing? Would a girl find a man like that appealing?

Or, what happens if we get even more specific. And look at things like: I feel more like a beast than a princess. And what is wrong with a girl being a beast or being “wild”?

Can the “narrative” around princesses stay the same if we continue asking questions that focus on point of view?