There’s lots of really great #detroitfuture events happening on Saturday, December 10th!

First up:

There is the Reimagining Organizing, Movements, Leadership event. Featuring Grace Lee Boggs, Meg Wheatley and Invicible, this event will:

REFLECT on the ways we approach the work of transforming ourselves, Detroit, and the world. ENGAGE in conversation about networks, webs, new forms of organization and aleadership. REDEFINE change from critical mass to critical connections, from growing our economy to growing our souls, from representative democarcy to participatory self-governing communities. CONNECT communities working for change within Detroit to one another, and to communities around the world.

The whole event will be followed by community dialogue facilitated by Adrienne Maree Brown!

The event takes place at Cass Community Commons/UU church at 4605 Cass Ave. from 12-4PM


Following the Reimagining event, there will be another Detroit Future Youth Network (DFY) gathering! This gathering will focus on the same main ideas as the Reimagining event–but the focus will be on Detroit youth. You’ll remember that DFY works to:

Detroit Future Media’s Youth Program aims to strengthen and deepen youth social justice organizing in Detroit by partnering with and supporting youth programs that focus on justice based education and multimedia creation.

As such, every month they hold gatherings that bring together the programs and organizations within the network with the intention of helping each organization get to know and experience the work that other organizations are doing. These gatherings are always family friendly and focus on youth–this gathering will be no different! The night will feature Invincible performing from her new album and a Old School/New School competition between adult and youth performers! It promises to be a fabulous night!

This gathering will be held at the AMP offices (the old Furniture Factory, 4126 3rd Street) and will take place from 5-9 PM!

And finally:

Decemeber 10th is the last day to turn your applications in for the Detroit Future Media 2012 program!

Deadline to apply is December 10th. Childcare is available and can be arranged for the workshops!

If you are an DFM 2011 alumni wishing to apply for 2012 workshops please fill out the alumni application here:

Detroit Future Media(DFM) workshops are 20-week trainings for Detroiters interested in building Detroit’s media economy through the creation grassroots media, and community cultural production.

The workshops offer intensive trainings on video, graphics, and web design with a focus on education, entrepreneurship and media-based community organizing. Participants will graduate with the unique skill sets necessary to train other Detroiters in digital media, create their own jobs, foster collaborative forms of community wealth creation, and lead media-based community organizing projects for a better Detroit.

DFM is structured so that participants attend workshops twice a week for 20 weeks. Once a week, participants will be in a workshop within their focus track- either Education, Entrepreneurship, or Community Organizing. These focus tracks are an opportunity to develop skills and perspective for strategic application of the media production skills they are building.

The other DFM day of the week is spent in a media skills workshop- either video, web, or design. These workshops are offered in four week segments and participants can choose a different skills area for each segment, of which there are four total. Due to limited spots we ask that you carefully review the 2012 schedule before applying. The track and workshops are rigorous and require participation and attendance. Participants will meet twice a week for 16 weeks (1 media workshop and a 1 major track). Childcare is also available. If you have any questions please email us at

What better way to finish up the application process than with a great night of inspiring performance art?

Mark the 10th in your calendar! Look forward to seeing you!